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Why Choose myvalet Dry Cleaning?

Our online check in system is safe and secure; you can keep track of all your items that
have been put through for dry cleaning on our website


It only takes a few minutes, check in online and your clothes will be picked up and delivered back to your office by next business day


No more hassle of having to go out of your way to visit the dry cleaner again. Bring your clothes straight to work to be picked up and delivered straight back to you


Our simple pick up and return system to your office will save you time and money

All Work Fully Guaranteed

We are confident that our quality is an industry leader. We will guarantee all the work we do on your behalf, except stain removal

Affordable & Competitive Prices

Our service is more affordable than many CBD located dry cleaners and other delivery service dry cleaners. Compare our prices and see for yourself

Monthly Cost Saving Specials

Every month we promise to offer our customers exciting new discounted specials which are guaranteed to save you money

What Our Clients Say

Myvalet is very convenient in terms of collecting and delivering the clothing, efficiently removing stains and making my items look brand new again Naiman Clarke Corporate

Corporate Receptionist

Myvalet is my preferred dry cleaner as it’s competitively priced, collected and returned with little effort on my part. Makes you feel like a rock star! An all round professional and personalised experience. G. Millanta

BWA Merchant Services

Myvalet offers convenience and competitive pricing, but above all, their attention to detail is what makes Myvalet my preferred dry cleaner of choice C. Duncan Residential

Crown Gardens

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