Terms & Conditions

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our work, simply click here and select reclean within 48 hrs from delivery date. Myvalet will send a driver out to pick up the items for re-cleaning by next business day at no charge to you.

Delivery Policy
Myvalet strive to make our pick-up/delivery service timely and convenient.
Delivery Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.

Delivery is FREE.

Acceptance of delivery: Myvalet drivers do not call on approach nor do we give you an allocated time. Our deliveries change daily and we will collect and deliver anytime between 9am and 5.30pm. All collections and deliveries are made to a specific location (reception, concierge, front porch etc.) within your company or residence. This location has been allocated by you or your company as a pickup or drop off station for myvalet.

Late Delivery: If unusual circumstances make it impossible to deliver your order during the scheduled day, it will be delivered immediately the following day.

Right to Refuse Service: Myvalet reserves the right to refuse service to any customer.

Drycleaning Authorisation Policy
Most garments and household articles clean very satisfactorily. Occasionally, however, myvalet may recognise a potential problem. Myvalet will call, sms or deliver the item in question back to the customer. You may choose to re-submit the item with verbal or written permission expressing your acknowledgment that myvalet will clean the item at the customer’s own risk.

The main purpose of this is to alert you to a possible problem. If you agree, the item will be processed with extreme care and returned to you promptly. If damage does develop however, Myvalet will not be held responsible since it has warned you of the risk and obtained your consent to proceed.

We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in fabric that are not apparent prior to processing. In dry cleaning and laundering we cannot guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, and shrinkage; or against damage to weak and tender fabrics. Myvalet’s liability with respect to any damaged items shall not exceed five (5) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition. Myvalet will not be liable if the orange identification tag has been removed from the garment in question. All claims must be reported within 48 hours or we will not be held responsible.

Loss Policy
Myvalet exercises the utmost care in processing clothing items received, to avoid misplacement or loss of items. However, there will be instances where items may get misplaced or lost. As such, differences in the count of items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery or we cannot be held responsible. Myvalet’s liability with respect to any lost item shall not exceed eight (8) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition. The myvalet count of garments is final and deemed the correct amount of garments.

Payment Terms
All quoted prices are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax and are subject to change without notice.

All invoices must be paid on collection of garments or as otherwise directed by us and we reserve the right to retain your goods until payment in full is received.

If you submit your order online and it is incorrect, myvalet has the authority to debit your credit card for the difference of the amount. An example of this would be you have submitted a plain blouse online, when in fact it is a silk blouse. You will be debited the difference.

Refund Policy
In the event that you have been overcharged or a refund is owed to you, myvalet will automatically refund directly to your credit card or paypal account. A $2.00 processing fee will apply if you have submitted the incorrect number of garments in your order.

Personal Items
Please check all of your garments for money, jewellery or other valuables prior to depositing them with us. If we find any valuables in your garments, we will make every effort to return them to you but we cannot be held liable for the loss of any such articles that are forwarded to us. Please ensure you remove all collar stiffs, we will not be held responsible for their loss or damage.

Leather/Suede Items Policy
All leather and suede garments are cleaned 100% at customer’s own risk, and myvalet does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or fading as a result of the dry cleaning process.

Gift Voucher Policy
1. Gift vouchers must be used within 90 days from the date of purchase, which is the “expiry” date included on the gift certificate
2. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund
3. If your order exceeds the amount of your gift certificate, you must pay for the balance with a valid and accepted credit card
4. Gift vouchers and their use on the myvalet website are subject to the all myvalet terms and conditions
5. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift vouchers
6. Only one myvalet gift voucher may be redeemed per order

The Information We Collect and How We Use It
Your Personal Information

In order to provide you with excellent products and services, myvalet asks you for specific pieces of personal information when you register as a customer.

Your username and password allows myvalet to verify that you are a registered customer and prevent anyone else who may have access to your computer from ordering in your name without your permission.

By registering you allow myvalet to send you marketing information via email and sms.