Hurry Up!

Why dry clean?

There are many reasons to have your garments dry cleaned. Have a read and see why


Put That Iron Away

No one enjoys ironing! Myvalet’s professional finishing means garments get a wrinkle-free, crisp and new look appearance


Stain Removal

Myvalet’s dry cleaner uses complex procedures and special stain removal products to remove stains. Stains are divided into two major categories: solvent-soluble stains and water-soluble stains. Different stains require different treatments, which our stain removal technicians are trained to administer


Fabric Care

Often it is not difficult to wash wool, cotton, or silk – but what about all the other fabrics like angora, or micro-fibre, or seersucker? Each fabric, and there are many, requires a different kind of laundering treatment. We have this knowledge, and apply our skills in order to care best for the garments we receive


Longer Lasting Clothes

Regular dry cleaning can prolong the life of certain garments because garments are being treated and cared for professionally and according to their unique fabric cleaning requirements. Dry cleaning your garments regularly helps you to protect your investment and inevitably your appearance


Avoid Shrinkage

By dry cleaning your garments, you avoid any shrinkage. Shrinkage is the most common reason why good garments are destroyed


Look & Feel Better

Your clothing is an expression of your personality and image. When you look good, you feel better and more confident. Thanks to special pressing equipment, professional finishing and our dry cleaners’ attention to detail, garments will have a crisp, wrinkle-free and like-new appearance and feel


Safeguards From Moths

Clean garments are the first step to preventing moth and other insect damage. Insects can damage clothes either directly or indirectly. Direct damage is caused by a group of insects feeding directly on a fabric. Indirect damage is caused when insects feed on spilled food or perspiration on the fabric. Moths attack the garment directly, especially wool and wool blends


Additional Services

 In addition to dry cleaning your garments, our professional dry cleaners are full-service garment care specialists. Alterations, waterproofing, leather and suede care are some of the many services myvalet is able to offer