The environment

“Our sincere belief is that cleaning is an art, which can only be produced through the marriage of using the finest cleaning compounds, equipment and personnel”

Our dry cleaners will clean and distill all the solvents on a continuous basis for optimum purity. Superior results in cleaning quality are a direct result of how a cleaner maintains the solvent purity. The end result is clothing that is odor-free, soft and crisp.

The solvents, waste and residues are disposed of by transporting them out of our facilities by approved and certified companies.

The solvents and detergents used are of the highest quality available all in the interest of our environment.

The equipment our dry cleaner uses is maintained on a continuous basis, with all repairs done on a regular basis to ensure the best results.

Tests are performed on each piece of equipment on a regular basis to insure optimum performance without any leaks (vapors or liquids).

The cleaning facilities are certified and permitted to operate by the relevant authorities, and comply with all local, state and federal rules and regulations.

Continuous staff training is provided so that our dry cleaning operators can properly maintain the equipment and keep cleaning compounds at the highest possible standard, therefore enabling us to deliver great quality, all while preserving the environment.

You’re in good hands when you use myvalet for all your dry cleaning needs.