How myvalet works- 5 easy steps


Step 1. Join + Schedule a pick up

Join online by completing the registration form located on our website. It takes less than 2 minutes. Once processed, you will receive an automated email welcoming you to myvalet with your own username and password.Login and submit your dry cleaning needs.

Step 2. Drop off items Place items into your own bag.

Write on a piece of paper your name, delivery address, phone number and place inside your bag. (Only for the first delivery). Place the bag in the designated area (reception, concierge, front porch etc.) by 9.30am for same day pick up Monday-Friday

Step 3. Myvalet Pick up

Through our software we will know which address to collect from, when to pick up and which service to perform on each garment. We do not call on approach nor do we give you an allocated time. All garments must be left in a designated place e.g. reception, front porch, concierge etc.

Step 4. Secure Processing

After thoroughly inspecting each garment, myvalet will discreetly identify each garment with our Electronic Fabric Monitoring process to ensure each garment is returned to you after each visit.

Step 5. The first return delivery

Your dry cleaning will be delivered back by 5.30pm next business day. All deliveries are made to a specific location (reception, concierge, front porch etc.) within your company or residence.


  • The myvalet garment bags were designed with security, convenience and protection in mind.
  • All bags are tagged with your name and delivery address.
  • Using the bag as a laundry bag for drop off is easy. Firstly, open zipper and place all garments in the bag, then zip closed. Secondly, fold bag in half and button together, so that it is now a carry bag.


  • Payment method is simple and secure via our online facility.
  • Your tax invoice will be placed inside the window pocket of your garment bag for your record. You will also receive a Tax Invoice via email